Shelter Units

Viaclimate branded shelter units ensure that the clean air coming to the shelters used in extraordinary situations such as war is filtered from external influences (such as nuclear, biological, chemical gas).
Shelter units are designed in two different ways according to the air flow. Thanks to the By-Pass air damper offered as standard on the Shelter Fresh Air Plant in normal times, it gives filtered fresh air into the shelter by using a G4 filter. In cases of potential danger; G4, Activated Carbon Filter, Nuclear HEPA Filter are used.

Viaclimate bunker units come in two varieties.

General Features of Viaclimate Shelter Units

Cell Structure

  • Cell structure certified in accordance with EN1886 standards
  • Two different designs, duct type and switchboard type
  • 60mm double skin panel
  • 90 kg/m3 rock wool insulation
  • By-Pass air damper with aluminum blades and edges (aerophilic blades)

Equipment Features

  • Backward curved high performance V-belt driven fan
  • AC or EC motors
  • G4 class panel filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Radioactive Hepa Filter

Standard Accessories

  • Sight glass
  • Motor electrical junction terminal box
  • Standard warning and mounting labeling
  • standard packaging

Optional Accessories

  • Lead plate coating on interior surfaces
  • Lighting
  • Thermal magnetic circuit breaker
  • Outdoor protection (roof) sheet
  • Door switch
  • Pop-up running gear protection guards
  • Frequency inverter
  • Automation field equipment
  • Electrical Automation control panel
  • Other..

Viaclimate Shelter Ventilation Plant electrical automation control features

»» MCC and DDC panel design from a single control point

»» Ability to work double time

»» Air flow adjustment with the help of frequency inverter

»» Filter pollution warnings

»» Ability to work integrated with the air quality sensor

»» Modbus (RS485) communication protocol

»» Runtime programming