Kitchen Exhaust Units

Viaclimate branded kitchen exhaust units are used in industrial kitchens to exhaust the oil, smoke and odor from the environment during cooking. The working areas of kitchen exhaust units are grouped under four main headings depending on the smoke, odor and oil density in the environment. Gradually for low-density, medium-density, high-density, very high-density kitchens; metal filter, active carbon filter and electrostatic filter are used.
Viaclimate kitchen exhaust units are designed in 3 different ways, depending on the density of polluted air, filtering, ambient air exhaust, fresh air supply, cooling, and heat recovery.

Viaclimate branded kitchen exhaust units come in three types.

General Features of VIACLEAN Kitchen Exhaust Units

Cell Structure

  • Cell structure certified in accordance with EN1886 standards
  • Design in VKSStandard model
  • Modular production and easy assembly
  • Production in 29 different cell sections
  • Aluminum profiled carcass
  • 60 mm double skin panel
  • 90kg/m3 rock wool with A1 fire class according to DIN 4102
  • Outer panel sheet is 1mm painted galvanized, inner panel sheet is 0.8 mm galvanized
  • Air damper with aluminum blade and edge (aerofoil blade) for air exhaust part

Equipment Features
  • Movable Parts with Plug Fan
  • AC or EC motors
  • Gas heat exchangers (DX) with copper tube, aluminum fins and copper collector
  • Aluminum Plate heat exchangers
  • G2 Metal Oil Filter
  • Activated Carbon Cartridge Filter
  • Electrostatic Filter
Standard Accessories
  • Sight glass
  • Stainless condensation pan
  • negative pressure siphon
  • Emergency stop
  • Motor-electric junction terminal box
  • Standard warning and mounting labeling
  • standard packaging
Optional Accessories
  • F7 Bag Filter
  • Ec-fan driveline
  • Suppressor
  • Lighting
  • Thermal magnetic circuit breaker
  • Outdoor protection (roof) sheet
  • Door switch
  • Pop-up running gear protection guards
  • Frequency inverter
  • Automation field equipment
  • Electrical Automation control panel
  • Other..
  Electrical Automation Control Points Analog Outputs
  • Motor frequency
  • Damper motor
Digital Inputs
  • Differential-pressure switch
Digital Outputs
  • Fan start-stop
  • Engine thermal fault
  • Belt broke
  • Filter impurity
  • Electrostatic fault
Safety Points
  • Emergency stop
  • Electrostatic filter door switch
  • Electrostatic grounding
  • Engine protection
  • Door switch
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