Aspirator Units

Viaclimate branded aspirator units are designed to circulate the air in the space, to keep the environment at appropriate pressure, to filter the air and to meet the fresh air requirement.

Viaclimate Aspirator units are collected in 4 groups according to air flow rates, fan type and the environment to be used.

General Features of AIRBOX Aspirator Units

Cell Structure

  • Certified design in accordance with EN1886 standards
  • Two different Eurovent certified cell structures
  • Thermal bridge-free design in VKSTB model
  • Thermal bridge (standard) design in VKSStandard model
  • Modular production and easy assembly
  • Production in 1258 different cell sections
  • Aluminum profiled carcass
  • 60 mm double skin panel
  • 110 kg/m3 or 90 kg/m3 rock wool insulation
  • In the VKSTB model; outer panel sheet is 1mm painted galvanized, inner panel sheet is 1 mm galvanized
  • In VKSStandard model; outer panel sheet is 1mm painted galvanized, inner panel sheet is 0.8 mm galvanized
  • Air damper with aluminum blade and edge (aerophilic blade)

Aspirator Units

Equipment Features

  • Double suction, Plug, Ec, Exproof moving parts
  • AC or EC motors
  • G2-M5 class panel filter
  • M5-F9 class bag filter
  • compact filter

Standard Accessories

  • Sight glass
  • emergency stop
  • Motor electrical junction terminal box
  • Standard warning and mounting labeling
  • standard packaging

Optional Accessories

  • Lighting
  • Thermal magnetic circuit breaker
  • Outdoor protection (roof) sheet
  • Door switch
  • Pop-up running gear protection guards
  • Frequency Inverter
  • Automation field equipment
  • Electrical Automation control panel
  • Other

MCC Panel Control Unit

»» Manual and automatic fan speed control in EC and AC motors

»» Fixed frequency (Star)

»» Fixed frequency (Triangle)

»» Fixed frequency (Star-Delta)

»» Variable frequency (with frequency inverter)

»» Pack switch

»» Warning lights