Roof Type Package Air Conditioner

Viaclimate branded rooftop packaged air conditioners are compact and combined air conditioners where the cooling or heating cycle takes place entirely within the same unit. Viaclimate Rooftop works by performing air conditioning processes such as fresh air supply, ambient air exhaust, air filtration, heating, cooling, heat recovery. Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners do not need outdoor units to condition the air. The heating function is provided by using the electric heater, hot water coil or gas burning module as well as operating the device as a reverse cycle heat pump.
Viaclimate brand roof type packaged air conditioners allow high efficiency to work with low operating costs. Rooftop air conditioners are the most suitable devices to be used in plug-and-play logic, thanks to their electrical automation and compact design.

Viaclimate brand roof type packaged air conditioners are produced in nine models.

General Features of RTV Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners

Cell Structure

  • Rigid design on galvanized sheet metal frame
  • Electrostatic powder coated outer surface
  • Compact Design
  • 30 mm double skin panel
  • 70 kg/m3 rock wool insulation
  • Outdoor compatibility as standard
  • Air damper with aluminum blade and edge (aerophilic blade)

Roof Type Package Air Conditioner

Equipment Features

  • Double inlet, Plug, Ec, Axial Fan moving parts
  • AC or EC motors
  • Electrical Automation control panel
  • Automation field equipment
  • Water heat exchangers with copper tube, aluminum fins and steel collector
  • Gas heat exchangers (DX) with copper tube, aluminum fins and copper collector
  • Heat-pump refrigerant cycle with scroll compressor
  • European origin refrigerant circulation equipment (drayer, four-way valve, expansion, check valve, low-high pressure sensors, etc.)
  • Natural gas (LNG) combustion heat exchangers
  • Electric heat exchangers
  • G2-M5 class panel filter
  • M5-F7 class bag filter

Standard Accessories

  • Sight glass
  • Stainless condensation pan
  • negative pressure siphon
  • emergency stop
  • Thermal magnetic circuit breaker
  • Outdoor protection (roof) sheet
  • Standard warning and mounting labeling
  • standard packaging

Optional Accessories

  • Lighting
  • Economizer Damper
  • Door switch
  • Pop-up running gear protection guards
  • Other..

Electrical Automation Control Points and Features

Analog Inputs

  • temperature sensor
  • humidity sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • frost protection temperature sensor

Analog Outputs

  • Valve motor
  • Motor frequency (0-10 V)
  • Damper motor
  • Electronic expansion valve

Digital Inputs

  • Differential-pressure switch
  • frost thermostat
  • condenser high pressure
  • Compressor high pressure
  • Compressor low pressure

Digital Outputs

  • Electric heater stage
  • Fan start-stop
  • Compressor start
  • four way valve
  • Valve Motor


  • Room thermostat
  • Return air
  • Fresh air
  • Touch screen
  • ModBus (RS485)
  • BACnet

Other Checkpoints

  • Time programming
  • Feed water temperature
  • Automatic mode change
  • Free cooling


  • Engine thermal fault
  • Belt broke
  • Filter impurity
  • Frost
  • Electric heater malfunction
  • Compressor thermal failure
  • Rotor motor
  • Low pressure
  • High pressure

Safety Points

  • Emergency stop
  • Safety thermostat
  • High gas pressure
  • Low gas pressure
  • Condensation pressure
  • Engine protection
  • Frost thermostat
  • temperature thermostat
  • Door switch