Pool Dehumidification Plant

Viaclimate branded pool dehumidifiers are package type devices that keep the humidity and fresh air amount under control in indoor pools in accordance with VDI 2089 standards and ensure that the space reaches the comfort level. The humidity rate in indoor swimming pools should be between 40% and 64% according to VDI 2089. Humidity exceeding 64% causes the formation and proliferation of microorganisms such as microbes, bacteria and fungi. VIAPOOL eliminates such negative effects. VIAPOOL works by performing air conditioning processes such as removing excess moisture in the environment, supplying fresh air, exhausting ambient air, air filtration, heating, heat recovery. Viaclimate branded pool dehumidifiers are devices suitable for use in plug-and-play logic, thanks to their electrical automation and compact design.

VIAPOOL Pool Dehumidification Units are of four types.

General Features of the pool dehumidification unit

Cell Structure

  • Certified design in accordance with EN1886 standards
  • Eurovent certified cell structure
  • Thermal bridge-free design in VKSTB model
  • Thermal bridge (standard) design in VKSStandard model
  • Production in 26 different cell sections
  • Aluminum profiled carcass
  • Double-walled, soundproof units
  • 60 mm double skin panel
  • 110 kg/m3 or 90 kg/m3 rock wool insulation
  • Thresholdless cell design
  • Air damper with aluminum blade and edge (aerophilic blade)

Pool Dehumidification Plant

Equipment Features

  • Double inlet, Plug, Ec, Axial Fan moving parts
  • AC or EC motors
  • Electrical Automation control panel
  • Automation field equipment
  • Water heat exchangers with copper tube, aluminum fins and steel collector
  • Gas heat exchangers (DX) with copper tube, aluminum fins and copper collector
  • European origin dehumidification cycle equipment (thermostatic expansion valve, electronic expansion valve … )
  • Electric heat exchangers
  • G2-M5 class panel filter
  • M5-F7 class bag filter

Standard Accessories

  • Sight glass
  • Stainless condensation pan
  • negative pressure siphon
  • Emergency stop
  • Drip Holder
  • Air Damper
  • Standard warning and mounting labeling
  • standard packaging
  • Automation field equipment
  • Electrical Automation control panel

Optional Accessories

  • Lighting
  • Outdoor protection (roof) sheet
  • Door switch
  • Pop-up running gear protection guards
  • Other..

Electrical Automation Control Points and Features

Analog Inputs

  • temperature sensor
  • humidity sensor
  • Pressure sensor
  • frost protection temperature sensor

Analog Outputs

  • Valve motor
  • motor frequency
  • Damper motor

Digital Inputs

  • Differential-pressure switch
  • frost thermostat
  • condenser high pressure
  • Compressor high pressure
  • Compressor low pressure

Digital Outputs

  • Electric heater stage
  • Fan start-stop
  • Compressor start
  • Valve Motor


  • Room thermostat
  • Return air
  • Fresh air
  • Touch screen
  • ModBus (RS485)
  • BACnet

Other Checkpoints

  • Time programming
  • Feed water temperature
  • Automatic mode change
  • Free cooling


  • Engine thermal fault
  • Belt broke
  • Filter impurity
  • Frost
  • Electric heater malfunction
  • Compressor thermal failure
  • Rotor motor
  • Low pressure
  • High pressure

Safety Points

  • Emergency stop
  • Safety thermostat
  • By-Pass Damper
  • High gas pressure
  • Low gas pressure
  • Condensation pressure
  • Engine protection
  • Door switch